253.H10 Design Studio Exhibition and Portal building Biosphere Park Wienerwald
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2021W, UE, 12.0h, 15.0EC
TUWELQuinn ECTS survey


  • Semester hours: 12.0
  • Credits: 15.0
  • Type: UE Exercise
  • Format: Hybrid

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to work on complex design tasks from the field of architecture and urban planning independently, systematically, and with an original, contemporary design approach based on a precise architectural language. They will have the competence to recognize fields of action in an urban context and to develop appropriate urban planning solutions. The students will acquire basic concepts related to these topics and conduct independent research to study those concepts. They will create design concepts, present them comprehensively in the form of drafts and detailed plans, and practice presenting them convincingly.


Subject of course

Introduction: https://tube1.it.tuwien.ac.at/w/dfjr4CFv745x5HcYfNWL33

Exhibition- and portal building Biosphere Park Wienerwald
The Biosphärenpark Wienerwald BPWW exhibition and portal building is a place of communication, exhibition, research, and mediation. It serves as a meeting point and as a starting point for exploring the Vienna Woods and the extensive partner program. It is a place where temporary exhibitions of subject-specific content from the biosphere reserve and its residents are presented. Socio-political discourse, dialogue, and togetherness are cultivated.
The biosphere reserve is an instrument for protection and development that UNESCO developed in order to preserve cultural landscapes and to include their residents and users. The aim of the biosphere reserve is to protect nature where it is needed by species in their habitats and at the same time to develop the region through responsible management and action. Biosphere reserves are model regions that support, coordinate, and mediate sustainable development – including nature conservation, biodiversity, and responsible use of resources, but also procurement, equal opportunities, and social and emotional skills.
"The aim is to give all sectors of the population access to these opportunities and to motivate them to actively participate in the biosphere reserve. https://www.bpww.at/de/artikel/bildung-fuer-nachhaltige-entwicklung on 28 June 2021.
In order to achieve and fulfil the goals and tasks that UNESCO defines for a biosphere reserve, partners from the various specialist areas are essential. They act as multipliers in order to implement the idea and carry it out into the region. The building serves as a meeting point and a place for exchange, marketing, and communication.
The biosphere house is both a creator of identity and an exemplary intermediation project that combines nature conservation with future-oriented economic activity. A holistic view of the task from an economic, ecological, and social point of view must be a prerequisite. The design describes in work steps the development of spatial elements in solid construction (clay / brick / stone / concrete / wood) from the wall to the room and thematizes rooms for viewing and rooms for contemplating.
The construction site of the biosphere house is on Cobenzl, which is optimally accessible by public transport. Cobenzl Castle, the estate, and the winery are in the immediate vicinity. The natural landscape space begins right outside the door.

Teaching methods

Based on a spatial analysis of the location, and research of selected examples of portal rooms and exhibition rooms, you will develop a concept for a house that is a gateway to exchange and communication. As a team, you will develop an urban planning concept that creates a spatial connection between the city and the natural environment. In groups, you will define an exhibition itinerary that develops from the natural spaces. Working individually, you will define an exhibition and reception building that serves as a threshold space defining the gateway to the biosphere reserve. You will work out a selected area or section down to the last detail using analogue models and drawings. The design work is divided into sections and goes through several scales. The project will be developed using physical models. The design work is an integrative design with constructive deepening. As you do this work, you will develop the statically relevant supporting structure for your own design. Structural variants are to be designed and examined, with questions about erecting, dimensioning, and assembling, et cetera, in the foreground. In addition, you will be supported in the “Graphic Design” course with representations and layouts. In “PR for Architects,” you will learn how to communicate your concept.

Mode of examination


Additional information

Meetings every Thursday and additional information on Monday


Introduction: https://tube1.it.tuwien.ac.at/w/dfjr4CFv745x5HcYfNWL33

Do. 07.10.2021, 9.30h, lntroduction 

Zoom-Meeting beitreten


Mo. 8.11.2021, 9.30h, Concept
Mo. 29./30.11.2021, 9.30h, Workshop                                                                                  

Mo. 13.12.2021, 9.00 Designpresentation

Mo. 24.01.2022, 9.30h, Präsentation
Mo. 31.01.2022, 9.30h, Final
Do. 10.03.2022, 17.00h, Exhibition



Course dates

Mon09:00 - 16:0011.10.2021Projektraum 14 - Achtung! Werkraum, kein Seminarraum! Reliefmodell: Geländemodell
Mon09:00 - 19:0011.10.2021 - 24.01.2022Raumlabor Entwurfsbesprechung
Thu09:00 - 19:0014.10.2021 - 27.01.2022Raumlabor Entwurfsbesprechung
Mon09:00 - 16:0018.10.2021Projektraum 14 - Achtung! Werkraum, kein Seminarraum! Reliefmodell, Raumprogramm
Mon09:00 - 18:0008.11.2021Konferenzraum der Fakultät Architektur und Raumplanung Presentation
Mon09:00 - 19:0022.11.2021Projektraum 14 - Achtung! Werkraum, kein Seminarraum! Entwurfsbesprechung
08:00 - 19:0029.11.2021 - 30.11.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Workshop
08:00 - 19:0029.11.2021 - 30.11.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Workshop
08:00 - 19:0029.11.2021 - 30.11.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Workshop
Mon08:00 - 19:0006.12.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Konstruktionsmodell
Mon08:00 - 19:0006.12.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Konstruktionsmodell
Mon08:00 - 19:0006.12.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Konstruktionsmodell
Mon08:00 - 19:0013.12.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Entwurfspräsentation
Mon08:00 - 19:0013.12.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Entwurfspräsentation
Mon08:00 - 19:0013.12.2021Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Entwurfspräsentation
Mon08:00 - 19:0024.01.2022Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Plakatpräsentation
Mon08:00 - 19:0024.01.2022Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Plakatpräsentation
Mon08:00 - 19:0024.01.2022Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Plakatpräsentation
Mon08:00 - 19:0031.01.2022Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Abgabe
Mon08:00 - 19:0031.01.2022Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Abgabe
Mon08:00 - 19:0031.01.2022Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Abgabe
Design Studio Exhibition and Portal building Biosphere Park Wienerwald - Single appointments
Mon11.10.202109:00 - 16:00Projektraum 14 - Achtung! Werkraum, kein Seminarraum! Reliefmodell: Geländemodell
Mon11.10.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Reliefmodell: Geländemodell
Thu14.10.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Referenzprojekte
Mon18.10.202109:00 - 16:00Projektraum 14 - Achtung! Werkraum, kein Seminarraum! Reliefmodell, Raumprogramm
Mon18.10.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Reliefmodell, Raumprogramm
Thu21.10.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Konzeptbesprechung
Mon25.10.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Entwurfsbesprechung
Thu04.11.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Konzeptbesprechung
Mon08.11.202109:00 - 18:00Konferenzraum der Fakultät Architektur und Raumplanung Presentation
Mon08.11.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Konzeptpräsentation und Workshop
Thu11.11.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Konzeptbesprechung
Thu18.11.202109:00 - 19:00Raumlabor Schnitte
Mon22.11.202109:00 - 19:00Projektraum 14 - Achtung! Werkraum, kein Seminarraum! Entwurfsbesprechung
Mon29.11.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Workshop
Mon29.11.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Workshop
Mon29.11.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Workshop
Tue30.11.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Workshop
Tue30.11.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 2 Workshop
Tue30.11.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 3 Workshop
Mon06.12.202108:00 - 19:00Ersatzraum Prechtlsaal 1 Konstruktionsmodell

Examination modalities

Continuous assessment. The submission of the design is planned as an analogue presentation. Due to Covid security conditions, it can be submitted digitally. Students will be required to submit a comprehensive presentation of the project in plans, models and documentation in digital form in the RG (Raumgestaltung) dropbox; publications and exhibitions, too, will be required.


TitleApplication beginApplication end
Entwerfen Bachelor (15 ECTS)13.09.2021 09:0027.09.2021 23:59


Study CodeObligationSemesterPrecon.Info
033 243 Architecture Not specified6. SemesterSTEOP
Course requires the completion of the introductory and orientation phase


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