195.072 Current Trends in Computer Science
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in allen zugeordneten Curricula Teil der STEOP.
Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist in mindestens einem zugeordneten Curriculum Teil der STEOP.

2021W, VU, 1.0h, 1.5EC


  • Semesterwochenstunden: 1.0
  • ECTS: 1.5
  • Typ: VU Vorlesung mit Übung
  • Format der Abhaltung: Hybrid


Nach positiver Absolvierung der Lehrveranstaltung sind Studierende in der Lage

- Vorträge von Wissenschaftlern über deren aktuelle Forschungsaktivitäten aktiv zu verfolgen und dazu Fragen zu stellen,

- eine konzise Zusammenfassung eines wissenschaftlichen Vortrags zu erstellen,

- aktuelle Trends in der Informatik zu nennen und darüber kompetent zu diskutieren

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

Guest professors invited by the TU Wien Informatics Doctoral School will give a 45-minute talk about their research area

The talks will be given in presence or online.

It seems highly probable that we can offer at least 5 talks in total during this study year 2021/22. Due to the uncertainties caused by CoVid and the related restricitions, some of the talks may be announced or cancelled on relatively short notice, so please keep checking this page. All details will be announced as soon as possible.

Currently we have only few talks in preparation for the winter term, while we envision more for the summer term. So in your planning please consider taking this course in both, winter term and summer term.

Scheduled talks:

November 24: Frank Leymann -- This talk will be online only; for details see https://informatics.tuwien.ac.at/news/2100
(November 25: Paul Timmers) -- Due to the difficult CoVid situation this talk will be moved to 2022 when a live presentation in a lecture hall will be possible again.


Von der TU Wien Informatics Doctoral School eingeladene Gastprofessoren halten 45-minütige Vorträge über ihre Forschungsgebiete



Weitere Informationen

Please visit TUWEL to:

  • Download the slides of the course
  • Download the template for the assignment
  • Upload your assignment

Vortragende Personen


LVA Termine

Mi.17:00 - 19:0024.11.2021 This talk will be online only. Zoom link available in the TUWEL course. (LIVE)Talk - Prof. Frank Leymann


The plan is to have at least 5 talks in total during this study year 2021/22.

Students will be graded provided that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Attendance to at least 3 talks (to be proven).
  • Submission of assignment.

Preferably, students attend 4 talks, choose 3 of those for their report and give a summary of at least 2 pages for each.
For students who can only attend 3 talks this summary must comprise at least 3 pages for each talk.

Talks will be offered both in winter term 2021/22 and summer term 2022, and any combination of all those may be chosen (but the course will definitely end after the summer term, a further combination with talks from the winter term 22/23 will not be possible).

The reports should be written in English and in latex (a template is provided in TUWEL). The deadline for submission of the assignment is July 31st at 23:55h through TUWEL.


Von Bis Abmeldung bis
01.10.2021 18:00 28.01.2022 09:00


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