194.113 Sports-Technologies: Introduction to Engineering Systems for Metering, Training, and Platforms for Athletes
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2022S, VU, 2.0h, 3.0EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: VU Lecture and Exercise
  • Format: Hybrid

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...

  • Understand different sport-relevant sensors and measurement systems

  • extract sensor data and interpret it in a sport-specific way

  • Process data and identify advantages and disadvantages of specific filter systems

  • apply their knowledge in the area of architecture and system design

  • apply their knowledge in the area of requirements engineering

  • apply their knowledge of combining game aspects with sensor data (serious gaming)

  • creatively develop ideas for appropriate systems

  • research relevant scientific literature

Subject of course

In recent years, sports science systems using different sensors have only been carried out in isolation from the viewpoint of different domains (e.g., computer science, physiology, rehabilitation, etc.). However, a common cross-domain approach has not yet been sufficiently highlighted academically. This VU is intended to be the first innovation driver and foundation for exciting new ideas and projects in this setting that implements a common heterogeneous approach. To meet this aspiration, an introduction to sports technology will be given at the beginning with a focus on understanding, evaluating, and using data from different measurement systems, as well as user-optimized analysis, summarization and presentation. In addition to the teaching of appropriate cross-domain basics, exemplary systems will be developed and designed together. The course will focus on the individualized analysis, processing and visualization of various training data to optimize the relationship between subjective and objective workload of athletes. Different domains such as physiology, computer science, medicine, biomechanics, and training sciences are combined to develop well-founded and innovative strategies. Course participants will learn how to handle data from systems related to sport and exercise using current research.

  • Important course contents include for example:
  • Technical basics in the context of system design and requirements management
  • Application areas of sensor technologies for competitive and amateur sports, as well as serious games in sports and rehabilitation
  • Conveyance of practical examples from these domains
  • Literature research: Knowledge of relevant digital libraries; planning and conducting literature searches to quickly get an overview of the state-of-the-art of a selected research area.
  • Evaluation of real data of sport-related measurement systems
  • Conception and presentation of a system for the user-optimised use of sensor data in a sports context in compliance with common scientific evaluation practice.
  • Writing of a thesis

Teaching methods

Partial block holding with workshop dates. In addition to the introduction of necessary basics at the beginning, concrete practical examples will be presented and explained. Based on this, a project proposal consisting of problem definition, innovative solution concept based on state-of-the-art literature or systems (sensor definition; data basis; data processing method; data evaluation) and own ideas, as well as a presentation concept with example data and bibliography will be implemented. Iterative feedback by the course instructor as well as mutual peer review will be provided. At the end, the collected aspects, ideas, and the concept of the system are to be summarized in a written seminar paper.

Mode of examination




Course dates

Wed17:00 - 19:0002.03.2022EI 7 Hörsaal - ETIT Themenvorstellung
Thu14:00 - 16:0003.03.2022Sem.R. DA grün 06A Sport-Technologien
Thu14:00 - 16:0017.03.2022 Online via ZoomSport-Technologien
Thu14:00 - 16:0024.03.2022 - 07.04.2022Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Sport-Technologien
Thu17:00 - 19:0024.03.2022 - 31.03.2022Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO (LIVE)Optionale zusätzliche Vorlesungen
Wed17:00 - 19:0030.03.2022 Online via ZoomSport-Technologien
Thu14:00 - 16:0028.04.2022Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Sport-Technologien
Thu14:00 - 16:0012.05.2022 Online via Zoom (LIVE)Project presentations
Thu14:00 - 16:0023.06.2022Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Final presentations
Sports-Technologies: Introduction to Engineering Systems for Metering, Training, and Platforms for Athletes - Single appointments
Wed02.03.202217:00 - 19:00EI 7 Hörsaal - ETIT Themenvorstellung
Thu03.03.202214:00 - 16:00Sem.R. DA grün 06A Sport-Technologien
Thu17.03.202214:00 - 16:00 Online via ZoomSport-Technologien
Thu24.03.202214:00 - 16:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Sport-Technologien
Thu24.03.202217:00 - 19:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Optionale zusätzliche Vorlesungen
Wed30.03.202217:00 - 19:00 Online via ZoomSport-Technologien
Thu31.03.202214:00 - 16:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Sport-Technologien
Thu31.03.202217:00 - 19:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Optionale zusätzliche Vorlesungen
Thu07.04.202214:00 - 16:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Sport-Technologien
Thu28.04.202214:00 - 16:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Sport-Technologien
Thu12.05.202214:00 - 16:00 Online via ZoomProject presentations
Thu23.06.202214:00 - 16:00Sem.R. DA grün 02 C - GEO Final presentations

Examination modalities

If you have any questions, please send an email to seat@inso.tuwien.ac.at.

Effort for the student (ECTS-Breakdown):

  • Preliminary Talk + 4 VO-Lecutres: 10h
  • Literature research: 14h
  • 3 presentationdates: 6h
  • Elaboration of the seminar paper: 30h
  • Peer Review and Rebuttal: 10 h


Total: 75 hours (3 ECTS)

Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
01.03.2022 08:00 31.03.2022 23:59 31.03.2022 23:59



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