184.725 High Performance Computing
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2021W, VU, 3.0h, 4.5EC
Lecture TubeTUWEL


  • Semester hours: 3.0
  • Credits: 4.5
  • Type: VU Lecture and Exercise
  • LectureTube course
  • Format: Distance Learning

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to

  • Assess characteristcs of High-Performance Computers
  • Assess expected performance of parallel programs
  • Use advanced features of the MPI standard
  • Use advanced featuers of the OpenMP standard
  • Understand, analyze, and design algorithms for communication operations


Subject of course

Overview of current HPC architectures and communication networks, problems, algorithms and solutions (with project/exercises); advanced MPI programming (with project/exercise), tools, performance models, libraries (with project/exercise)

For lecture plan, see course homepage

Teaching methods

  • Lecture and discussion
  • Project work
  • Evaluation and benchmarking on the availble parallel systems

Mode of examination


Additional information

Planning, overview and first lecture: Monday 4.10, 14:00-16:00. Please attend physically (as far as possible and as far as allowed. Unfortunately, not possible, the lecture will be given in online-distance mode).

ECTS Breakdown

  • Overview, planning: 2h
  • Lectures: 15x2h = 30h
  • Lecture preparation and digestion: 15x1.5h = 22.5h
  • Project/exercises: 50h
  • Oral exam/project presentation, including preparation: 8h

Total: 112.5h = 4.5 ECTS



Course dates

Mon14:00 - 16:0004.10.2021 - 24.01.2022FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
High Performance Computing - Single appointments
Mon04.10.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon11.10.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon18.10.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon25.10.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon08.11.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon15.11.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon22.11.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon29.11.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon06.12.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon13.12.202114:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon10.01.202214:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon17.01.202214:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture
Mon24.01.202214:00 - 16:00FAV Hörsaal 1 - INF Lecture

Examination modalities

Project submission, project presentation, oral examination


Course registration

Begin End Deregistration end
06.09.2021 08:00 01.11.2021 23:59 15.11.2021 23:59



No lecture notes are available.

Previous knowledge

Introduction to Parallel Computing, computer architecture, algorithms and data structures, programming in C

Preceding courses

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