101.780 Mathematics II for Geodesy
This course is in all assigned curricula part of the STEOP.
This course is in at least 1 assigned curriculum part of the STEOP.

2022S, UE, 2.0h, 2.5EC


  • Semester hours: 2.0
  • Credits: 2.5
  • Type: UE Exercise
  • Format: Presence

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...

  • deal with linear mappings   
  • capture the eigenvalue problem   
  • main axis transformations   
  • understand differential calculus in an higher-dimensional space and apply it to appropriate functions   
  • solve some types of linear and nonlinear differential equations   
  • calculate transformations of differential expressions   
  • understand higher-dimensional integral calculus and apply it to corresponding functions

Subject of course

Examples complementing the main course

Teaching methods

Exercise sheets with tasks to be solved are provided weekly on TUWEL and prepared by the students for the corresponding training sessions, ticked before the exercise and by chance presented on the board There are two written tests that need to be completed online at home during the term.

Mode of examination


Additional information

The exercises start Wednesday March 2nd,, 2022



Examination modalities

Examination-immanent course (permanent examination character), compulsory attendance, two tests must be completed during the semester

The grade consists of the number of examples crossed (at least 60%) and the blackboard  performances. The two tests only have to be completed.

Group dates

Gruppe 1Wed14:00 - 16:0002.03.2022 - 29.06.2022Sem.R. DA grün 03 A 101.780 Mathematics II for Geodesy Gruppe 1
Gruppe 2Wed14:00 - 16:0002.03.2022 - 29.06.2022Sem.R. DA grün 03 B 101.780 Mathematics II for Geodesy Gruppe 2

Course registration

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Group Registration

GroupRegistration FromTo
Gruppe 110.02.2022 08:0001.03.2022 12:00
Gruppe 210.02.2022 08:0001.03.2022 12:00


Study CodeObligationSemesterPrecon.Info
033 221 Geodesy and Geoinformation Not specified2. Semester
660 Surveying and Geoinformation Mandatory2. Semester


Siehe Skriptum zur VO.

Previous knowledge

Mathematics of Geodesy 1

Accompanying courses